Mar 142014
The Role of Mass Media in Building Perceptions of EU-GCC Relations and Related Impacts

Sharaka Research Paper nr.9 by Fatma Al Araimi and Cinzia Bianco This paper addresses the way the GCC region is presented in the EU media and vice versa, in a time in which perceptions and misperceptions could influence negatively the consistent flows of international investments that are instrumental to the diversification of the Gulf economies [...]

Mar 052014
EU-GCC Cooperation in an Era of Socio-Economic Challenges

Sharaka Research Paper nr.8 by Cinzia Bianco This paper aims at exploring how the European Union (EU) could contribute to tackling the socio-economic challenges facing the countries of the Gulf, thus also capitalising on the opportunity to inject new stimulus into its relations with the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC). In particular, the paper argues in [...]

Feb 052014
EU-GCC Cultural Relations and Representations of the Other in the Gulf Cultural Press: The Case of al-'Arabī Magazine

Sharaka Research Paper nr.7 by Edoardo Barzaghi The aim of this paper is to point out the shortcomings that affect the EU-GCC relationships at the cultural level stemming from the insufficient or flawed understanding of the EU as a geopolitical and historical entity. The paper briefly outlines the main cultural biases influencing the European perspective [...]